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Who can become a member
Membership in the Society of Forensic & Clinical Toxicologyis (SOFOCT) opened to

  1. those who have a a doctor of medicine degree or a master's/doctorate degree in Forensic and Clinical Toxicology,
  2. those who have a bachelor's or master's degree in medical, life and social sciences and have been identified by their publications and other professional activities in which they have made studies and researches in related fields,
  3. students who receive undergraduate education in institutions providing education in fields related to Forensic Toxicology.
  4. * Annual dues for all members have been updated to 100 TL.
    ** Those who become members of our association for the first time will pay 110 TL along with the 10 TL membership entrance fee for the first year only.

    Account information to which AKTOD annual membership fee will be deposited:
    Account Name: Forensic and Clinical Toxicology Association
    IBAN Account (İş Bankası): TR44 0006 4000 0016 0100 8563 71

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    Below from should be filled for membership application. Your membership will be approved after sending Membership Application Form word document to our contact address.


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