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About Us

SOFOCT, Society of Forensic & Clinical Toxicology

Society of Forensic and Clinical Toxicology is a not-for-profit professional organization established in 2015 to band together all colleagues in this multidisciplinary field and to share knowledge and experiences in the related areas.

Our association has basically many aims include;

  • to develop forensic and clinical toxicology
  • to improve laboratory standards
  • to foster and encourage trainings
  • to support scientific research, activities and events in related field,
  • to organize courses, seminars, conferences and panels
  • to collaborate with international communities and societies in forensic/clinical toxicology

    Board of Directors

    Board of Directors
    Serap Annette AKGÜR (President)

    Nebile DAĞLIOĞLU (Vice President)

    Mine KADIOĞLU DUMAN (Treasurer)

    Özgür İsmail CAN

    Rukiye ASLAN

    Board of Directors/Substitute
    Melike AYDOĞDU



    Enes ARICA

    Yakup GÜLEKÇİ

    Board of Supervisors
    Ömer DEMİR

    İsmail Ethem GÖREN

    Duygu Yeşim KARABULUT

    Board of Supervisors- Substitute
    Aybike DİP

    Selda MERCAN

    Zeynep TÜRKMEN

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